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Practice Members Share Their Story

           Matt Rushford

***** Dr. Cohen has treated me for 25 years. He is an excellent chiropractor, but an even better person. This is what truly separates him and what he offers as a healer- his compassion, caring, and genuine concern for his patients, and, really, everyone he meets.  He is simply the best. Highly recommend.


           Eva LaMere

***** I started going to Dr. Cohen about a year ago with excruciating neck pain.   I was apprehensive because I did not have a great experience with a previous chiropractor but I read the reviews (which is why I am writing one :) and liked that people said he had a "gentle" touch.  (And that he does - no painful adjustments!)  So much so that even though my neck is feeling the best it's ever been, I continue to go once/week for adjustments and as a preventive measure.  I highly recommend Dr. Cohen!


           Robert C.

***** For decades I have been a professional drummer and my body has wear and tear.  Dr. Cohen's adjustments are precise and gentle. He always gets me realigned, standing up straight, walking and out of pain.  Andrew helps me get back into the groove when I am physically off-beat.

In addition, Dr. Cohen's careful chiropractic care has greatly benefited my wife.  While she doesn't have a chronic back problem, his adjustments have helped her recover from injuries and assist her with maintaining overall good physical health.

Thank you Dr. Cohen

           Michael Lubars

***** Dr. Cohen is the man!  I’ve been seeing him for 2 months now and he’s helped me so much with my neck and back pain.  I can’t recommend him enough.  Every week I look forward to seeing him for my adjustment!

           Shannon Willey

***** Dr. Cohen was recommended by a colleague when I was complaining of serious low back pain resulting from a bulging disk. I had numbness in my leg and foot in addition to the pain. I started seeing Dr. Cohen several times a week and no longer have those issues. I continue to see him as needed and have brought my children to him through the years as needed as well. We all feel then improvement after each visit.


           Evelyn ODoherty


***** I have been working with Andrew Cohen DC for over 10 years.  His intuitive nature and deep knowledge of the body/spinal column has helped me heal from injury, progress to greater levels of mobility & health in my spine and introduced me to new levels of wellness I never knew were possible.  When I was looking at surgery due to a neck issue that caused me great pain, he never flagged in his optimism that, together, we could bring the body back to health and, through regular visits and a lot of core work, we were able to release the pressure on my neck and avoid extensive surgery.  I am a true believer in chiropractic care!

            Jackie G.

***** Andrew Cohen is a true professional! You never have to wait long if at all. He truly cares for his clients and their well-being. I was very leery to return to a chiropractor after a bad experience in the past. I decided to give it a try as nothing else was helping and I was tired of being in pain. To my surprise he was not like other chiropractors I had seen in the past. He had a much more holistic approach and his ultimate goal is an improved quality of life. Who doesn't want that? I am no longer in pain as long as I am consistent with my care. I would highly recommend Cohen Family Chiropractic.

           Mary Sabo

***** Originally skeptical I wasn't sure I wanted to go to a chiropractor but after years of headaches and stress on my neck and years of teeth grinding I left the office after my first session and got the best sleep of my night after that.  Continuing with treatment I started to feel freedom in my body like never before - also having severe allergies and asthma I didn't know that chiropractic work would help those ailments but low and behold my breathing got better and my sinuses cleared as well.

           Pam Jarboe

***** Dr. Andrew is so thorough in educating about the nervous system. The office is a healing oasis. The adjustments are so gentle, even children benefit from adjustments. I highly recommend Dr. Andrew Cohen!

           Carrie Ann Salvi

***** Dr. Cohen is a gentle, intuitive, caring, and knowledgeable healer. I am a huge fan and would recommend him for all ages and conditions.

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