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Family Care

Family chiropractic care at Dr. Andrew Cohen's Southampton NY chiropractic office

Elaine K

***** What I thought was arthritis and sciatica and were irreversible conditions have all disappeared after adjustments. 

Maria N

***** This is the first time in years that I have slept without medication!

 * * *

The health of your family, as it is mine, is a top priority. Everything else depends on it. That is why we place a strong emphasis on caring for the entire family. Every family member counts, especially the ones that seem to be healthy. Take my story as a case in point.

When I was growing up I did not have any serious illnesses. I rarely got a cold and only went to the doctor a few times. Yet something was missed. I was developing with a curve in my spine, scoliosis. Because I felt good and showed no outward signs of improper development, nobody noticed. There were no regular screenings at that time and we did not have a family chiropractor.

I'm stuck with a curved spine for life but now I get to help kids avoid that fate by intervening during their critical developmental stages.


You only get to be a kid once and if something is missed there may be no ability to correct it as an adult.

Every family member benefits from a healthy spine and nervous system. Every function in your body depends on communication to and from your brain via the spine.

This vital communication is commonly altered by physical, emotional and even chemical stress. We call this breakdown of communication in the body from spinal misalignment, subluxation.


My job as a chiropractor is to evaluate the severity of the subluxations for each family member, establish a clear plan to correct them and support everyone for lifetime wellness.

It is common for newborns to have trauma to their spines from the birth process. Toddlers fall hundreds of times learning to walk and get knocked around from normal play with siblings. Older kids roughhouse and can traumatize their spines from contact sports. 

Texting and screen time is placing huge stress on the developing spines of children. Permanent damage can occur to their posture and long term wellness without chiropractic correction.

Now take the sum total of your childhood, add on all the stress of adulthood and parenting. Imagine the tension you may be carrying around.

In our Southampton NY chiropractic office we care for many families. Each family member has unique needs. At Cohen Family Chiropractic you will see pregnant women, dads and kids of all ages. 

 * * *

William N

***** I have been to and benefited from seeing some of the best known and respected chiropractors in New York City and Boston, but Andrew is by far the best.

 * * *

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