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More of our practice members share their story. 


Lee Goldenberg

***** Dr Cohen is a fantastic chiropractor! Highly recommend his office.

Donata Barber

***** Dr. Cohen....What a miracle worker.. His hands are like gold. I went in feeling like I was in pieces waiting to be put together .... After my session I was seeing clearer and walking taller ....

I see Dr. Cohen twice a week and he has healed my aching soul and body...


Sylvia Laytin

***** Perfect chiropractor for all ages! I’m 25 and I take my 75 year old dad whenever I can! Very kind and knowledgeable. Super easy to reach and a very clean and organized workspace. I come all the way from East Hampton just to visit him! 5/5 stars

Samantha Malone

***** Dr. Cohen has helped me immensely with my back and neck pain this summer. He is very responsive and flexible with scheduling. I was in a lot of pain on the day that I first called his office, and he was able to fit me in his schedule that afternoon for my first appointment and consultation. His rates are also very reasonable! I am grateful to Dr. Cohen for his help keeping me active this summer and recommend his services wholeheartedly

Ann Harmon

***** I have been a patient of Andrew’s for years

He always makes me feel better. And as he says if my nervous system is in alignment everything else feels better. Thanks Andrew!


Kathryn Barton

***** After several months of pain and discomfort, I decided to give Dr. Cohen a try. I was skeptical, having never used a chiropractor before, but several family members spoke so highly of him and their results that I decided to seek a consultation. Dr. Cohen was very clear and knowledgeable about what needed to be done and my treatment has been effective and comfortable. He has a gentle manner about him which eases both my mind and my pain. Give him a try--you won't regret it.


***** I have been seeing Dr Andrew Cohen for 11 years, I go to him regularly for my neck issues and to remain aligned in general.  He is an excellent chiropractor! Whatever ache I have, I always walk out of there feeling better.  He is very kind and truly cares about his patients.  I have also taken my kids to see him.  Being adjusted by Dr Cohen on a regular basis is probably one of the best steps I can take to remain in good health.

Dennis Lamb

***** With over 30 years going to Chiropractors, Dr. Cohen is the best I have found. Gentle and effective!

John Reister

***** I've been seeing Andrew for treatment since Feb of 2019. He has helped me in healing from chronic fatigue especially when I get into the early afternoon hours during work.

The pain from my hips knees and ankles was putting a drain on me, I needed relief.

Those symptoms have relatively disappeared as well numerous other benefits such as my nasal stuffiness, which I think I always have had , gone.  My posture has improved. And that constant tightness between the shoulder blades, was one of the first things to fade away after seeing Andrew, gone. I am continuing to maintain periodic visits to his office keeping me happy and healthy. What a difference

Cindy Becca

***** Dr Cohen has done an amazing job helping me with neck and back pain this summer.   I could barely move my neck when I first went to see him.   He took me the same day I called, and I started feeling better right away.

Berri Huberty

***** Saw me promptly when I threw my back out and got me walking upright again. Over several treatments I’ve continued to feel good. Highly recommend Dr Cohen. He is gentle and highly trained.

Mary Buffo

***** His gentle method is perfect for me and my son. I am healthier than ever and my son is doing great.  Dr. Cohen is great with kids.

Rick Chiorando

***** For as long as I can remember, I've had chronic neck and lower back pain, at times so intense, it  stopped my from enjoying a round of golf. I've been going to Dr. Cohen for about a year, and I've been pain-free ever since... although my game hasn't improved much! 


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