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Pregnancy Care
Pregnancy Chiropractic care in Southampton NY with Dr. Andrew Cohen


Less pain

More comfort
Less nausea
Better sleep
Better baby positioning
Better birth outcomes
Faster recovery

Enjoyable pregnancy

From my experience of being at more than 1500 births, women who have been under regular chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy have their pelvis aligned perfectly had the greatest chance for normal, natural birth.

– Lorie McCoy, Doula

Research showing benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy.

For your body to function optimally, the communication between your brain and body must be clear. The vast majority of this vital communication occurs via the nervous system and spine.

* * *

Mary S

***** I came to Andrew on a regular basis during my first pregnancy, and as result had a very easy time.

* * *

Due to natural changes that occur during pregnancy; hormonal, looser ligaments, changing weight distribution, your spine will be put under stress.

If these stressors affect your spinal alignment then you may have secondary problems such as back pain, sciatica, reflux, poor sleep, and the baby can have difficulties getting into the proper position for birth.

For 25 years we have helped many women have pain free, enjoyable pregnancies and better birth experiences.

At Cohen Family Chiropractic in Southampton NY we only use the gentlest and safest methods and we are a certified Webster technique practitioner trained by the ICPA.

Once the baby arrives, chiropractic care is very supportive helping the new mom be strong and healthy for their baby. Checking the baby shortly after birth is essential to ensure their development and address any problems related to breastfeeding, sleep and growth.

* * *


Jodie W 

***** I tell people if there is one thing you do for your wellness then chiropractic is it. I would not of survived the first few months of motherhood if it wasn’t for Dr. Cohen.

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Dr. Andrew Cohen
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