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Pediatric Care

Pediatric Chiropractic care with Dr. Andrew Cohen at his Southampton NY chiropractic office

Common reasons parents bring their kids in for chiropractic care.

Wellness check-up
Birth trauma
Concerned about posture
Sleep issues
Bowel problems
Behavior challenges
Night terrors
Developmental delays
Colicky baby
Chronic Ear Infections
Frequent colds
Sensory Processing Disorder

Chiropractic care does not treat any of the above conditions and is not a replacement for those practitioners who do.

Rather, we and many other pediatric chiropractors have seen children improve and self heal when nervous system function is restored.

Mary P
***** My baby girl had trauma at birth resulting in torticollis. She could not turn her head to the left, sleep for more than 1½ hours at a time and had reflux. In less than 2 weeks of chiropractic care she is sleeping 6 hours straight, can turn her head normally and holds down her milk.
3 Major benefits of chiropractic pediatric care:

1) Optimal health, growth & development 
Every aspect of your child's health from immunity and digestion to breathing and sleep depends on a well aligned spine. Misalignments in the neck are common from the birth process and childhood bumps and falls. Important nerves like the vagus nerve at the top of the neck control the calm steady function of many organs and if impeded can lower immunity, affect digestion, sleep, mental processing and much more.

G. S. ***** Andrew is so great with my 7 year old! She is usually quite nervous with doctors, but with his gentle treatments he was able to allay her fears. Now she jumps up on the table for her adjustments! I highly recommend this chiropractor!

2) High achievement in school
A basic principle in neurology is 'garbage in, garbage out'. This means that if your child's brain is overloaded with stress, they will have difficulty with focus and integration of thought.

Imagine trying to have a conversation with a poor cell phone connection, in a noisy crowded bar and a rock band playing. That's what it's like for some kids to focus when they have interference in their spine and nervous system. Sounds a lot like ADHD.

A misaligned spine causes stress on brain function and triggers a stress response throughout the body. Most children will not perform well in school when their body and nervous system is in a state of fight or flight.

"You can't be growth and protection at the same time."  --Dr. Bruce Lipton

3) Strong coordinated body for sports performance and injury recovery
A poorly aligned spine will lead to poor performance and more injuries.  It will directly affect movement and coordination. Once an injury occurs it is essential to have your child checked misalignments. 

2 Important questions we get from parents

1) Is it safe to adjust babies and young children?
Yes. We have 25 years of experience and specific training in pediatrics and gentle techniques.
Babies will smile and laugh during the evaluation and the adjustments. Young children love to get adjusted. They innately know that the care is good for them and enjoy coming in for care.

2) How do I know when to bring in my child for a check-up?
This question usually shows up for the child that appears to be perfectly healthy with no obvious problems. Parents with more than one child often bring in the child with an obvious health challenge; scoliosis, poor sleeper... Yet, the other child or children will not make it in because they have no outward symptoms or issues.
Would you only bring your children to the dentist because they have a toothache?
Of course not. You have all your kids checked regularly to catch early stage tooth decay and for maintenance.
The same is true for pediatric chiropractic care. Regular check ups to insure proper development and maintenance during the critical growth stages.

Mary B

***** Since receiving care with Dr. Cohen my body is much healthier. I no longer get colds every winter. It also helps with my emotional stress. My son has received care after a difficult birth. He is ten now and has never needed antibiotics. I have met many other parents and kids at his office. He is great with kids.

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Dr. Andrew Cohen
41 Windmill Lane
Southampton NY 11968

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