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More of our practice members share their stories of healing.

Richard Fiinder

***** Love going to see my Chiropractor Andrew Cohen who is a very gifted healer.  He is always present and available and provide a very necessary service. He is  kind and gentle and caring and wholesome and genuine and real.

Molly Bishop

***** Dr. Cohen always seems to go right to the place that is hurting the most without me event saying anything!

Mary Broidy

***** Fantastic.  Especially good with children.

Gajinder Kaur

***** Andrew is the best chiropractor I’ve had and I have been seeing them regularly since a school screening at age 12 showed I had scoliosis.  He is the only chiropractor who has been able to adjust my neck well and he does it so gently, I sometimes cannot believe the amazing results I’ve seen in just the past few weeks!  Now that my neck is moving freely, my bite has changed (for the better) and I no longer clench and grind my teeth in my sleep.  I am watching my body rebalance.  And Andrew is so great with my 7 year old!  She is usually quite nervous with doctors, but with his gentle treatments he was able to allay her fears.  Now she jumps up on the table for her adjustments!  I highly recommend this chiropractor!

R.P. Retired Military

*****  Dr. Cohen was unlike other chiropractors I have seen. His unique techniques, knowledge, creativity exceeded any previous experiences. At times on arrival at my appointment, wrought with pain and acute anxiety, his procedures brought me unexpected and welcomed relief. Dr. Cohen’s punctual, polite, and compassionate manner is especially encouraging and in itself is therapy.  He helped my wife with a sudden back problem. In just a few sessions, she was back to 100% mobility.  Since I have been under his care, I have talked to others in our local area and all have given good reports of his work.

 Jodie W.

***** I tell people if there is one thing you do for your wellness then chiropractic is it. I would not of survived the first few months of motherhood without Dr. Cohen

B.R. Artist

***** Andrew Cohen is a gifted healer. I have seen Andrew for many years now and he can so gently and expertly guide my body to heal through his intuitive touch. I have lived off and on in other areas and sought alternative practitioners, but there is truly no one who has helped me better than Andrew.

 Judy G

***** When I recently made the decision to see Dr. Cohen D.C. I was hoping for some stress release and physical improvements. In a few short weeks, I saw those results and so much more. My sleep is deeper and more restful. I feel as if burdens have been lifted and my whole outlook is more positive. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen’s gentle treatment.  Thank you, Dr. Cohen!!  


***** Before beginning my sessions with Andrew, my days were filled with depression & struggles. I was very stressed & tense. After 3 weeks, I felt very positive, happier and less tense. In yoga my postures felt more complete and less strained. I look forward to our continuation.

I.R. Sagaponack

***** Often when I visit you for a session, I don’t have to mention what has gone on, your touch finds what ails me and when I get up, it’s as if the broken pieces have been put together.  I keep coming back for regular maintenance and I know the difference in how I feel whether I’ve been to see you or not. I feel whole. 

J.B.  Dog trainer

***** I have had shoulder pain for the last 5 years, stemming from an old injury and stress. Over the years, I have tried other chiropractors and specialists without any results. My first visit to Dr. Cohen and speaking to him made me feel more comfortable and at ease. After three treatments, my stress level and pain are greatly reduced. .”

C.A.S photographer

***** Recently, I found myself too uncomfortable to do any landscaping work due to back pain. Andrew has relieved these limitations; I am stronger now and I am back in the garden with twice as much vigor as last year.

W.N writer

***** I have been to and benefited from seeing some of the best known and respected chiropractors in New York City and Boston, but Andrew is by far the best, and his work is the most personalized. My back, my allergies, my digestion have all improved tremendously. I am most appreciative and recommend Dr. Andrew Cohen without reservation.

P.W. 8 years old

***** Since I’ve been coming here I haven’t had to use my asthma inhaler. I haven’t had any illness since my back has gone from curve to straight. It’s really been wonderful, thanks Andrew.”


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