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Get to know Dr. Andrew Cohen

Southampton Chiropractor Gets You Results

With over two decades of experience, Southampton Chiropractor Dr. Andrew Cohen has the knowledge and expertise to help you regain your health. You’ll be in great hands at Cohen Family Chiropractic, knowing that we’ll work hard to ensure that you reach your goals with our natural approach to care.

Your body is capable of healing itself. You might not even realize that you have the extraordinary ability to enjoy the highest levels of well-being without the use of medications or surgery. Whether you’re concerned about your newborn’s health or are a senior citizen who wants to live free from pain and worry, we’re here for you.

Better Living for You and Your Loved Ones

Dr. Cohen has a special focus on caring for children and expecting moms. We’ve seen the benefits kids can get from starting chiropractic early on in their lives. Starting from the traumatic birthing process and moving into the slips, falls and roughhousing of childhood, these disturbances can cause numerous problems. We’ve seen kids who were plagued with ear infections, allergies, bed-wetting, asthma, special needs and more who were able to improve their lives by being under pediatric chiropractic care.

We want moms to have a low-stress pregnancy and successful birth experience with pregnancy chiropractic. Baby boomers and retirees can stay active and vital well into their later years.

Accessible and Convenient

With an office that runs on time and visits that are kept efficient and effective, we want to make it simple for your appointments to fit into your day. Dr. Cohen will take all the time necessary to sit down with you, discuss your concerns and listen carefully to how your life is being impacted. We’ll discuss what you hope to get out of chiropractic care, determine your needs and make our best recommendations.

With complimentary consultations available, you have nothing to lose. Contact us today to book your time with Chiropractor Southampton Dr. Cohen!