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Fill in the fom below to receive the $37 special offer that includes: 1) A consultation with Dr. Andrew Cohen. We will take the time necessary to ensure we understand your current health concern. 2) An evaluation to include spinal motion restrictions, postural changes, muscular imbalances, stress patterns and nerve irritations present that may be contributing to your main problem. 3) We will provide you with recommendations for overcoming your health concern. If necessary we will refer you to another practitioner if you would be best served elsewhere.

Simply fill in the form below and you will be contacted to set a convenient appointment time.

Office Hours
Monday       9-12  3-6
Tuesday       9-12  3-6
Wednesday Off
Thursday     9-12  3-6
Friday           Off
Saturday      9-12
Sunday        Off
Additional times available for new members.

Dr. Andrew Cohen
41 Windmill Lane
Southampton NY 11968

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