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About Us

Front door of Cohen Family ChiropracticDr. Andrew Cohen has been in practice since 1993, following his graduation from Life University. He practiced in Europe and South America for a time, then returned to his home area in Long Island. Since 1999, he has served the Southampton community with natural chiropractic care.

You’ll find Cohen Family Chiropractic within the Ananda Wellness & Yoga Center, where you can benefit from a range of health solutions.

Babies, Seniors and Everyone in Between

Dr. Cohen is a chiropractor who cares for all ages. Whether you’re concerned about your child’s health or are a senior citizen looking to get the most out of your golden years, we’re ready to help you. Often, people don’t realize that chiropractic care may be the missing piece of the puzzle in their health care. Though chiropractic is often associated with neck and back pain and we can get great results for these cases, there is much more we can offer you, too.

One of Dr. Cohen’s practice members was an eight-year-old boy who was losing consciousness in the middle of the day. He had to be pulled out of school, and the medical doctors couldn’t determine what the problem was. After months, his chiropractor uncle, who lived out of state, suggested chiropractic care. Within weeks of seeing Dr. Cohen, the issue went away, never to return.

Another child of the same age had been to a pediatrician, who diagnosed him with scoliosis. Dr. Cohen evaluated him and within six weeks, over the boy’s summer break, his spine was completely realigned. He and his family have been under wellness care to maintain their health ever since.

A Personalized Approach to Health Care

Network Spinal Analysis is the foundation of Dr. Cohen’s techniques, which allows him to care for newborn babies to those in their 80s and 90s. It’s gentle and noninvasive without any popping or cracking. Our approach is tailored to exactly what you need rather than “one size fits all.” Your concerns are unique to you, and your health care should be, too.

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