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Cohen Family Chiropractic Reviews

Dr. Andrew Cohen understands the importance of being able to read reviews. Read below to find out what the practice members at Cohen Family Chiropractic think and fell about the gentle chiropractic care available.

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I came to Andrew on a regular basis during my first pregnancy, and as result had a very easy time. My husband even commented that chiropractic made the delivery so easy!
M.S. teacher

I’m not exactly sure how Andrew helps me, I just know I keep coming because I do feel better. My back pain and sciatica problems are getting some relief.
J.A.B. teacher

Help for Severe Pain

“I started seeing Dr. Cohen at the urging of my son and out of desperation. Spinal stenosis causes me constant severe pain. I have tried other chiropractors and physical therapy without results. I started Epidural Steroid injections, which did help for a while but are no longer effective and may actually make the stenosis worse. I am very stressed to the pain and my husband’s illness. I was amazed that after the first treatment the pain and stress were greatly reduced and I felt more able to cope. I have cancelled my next injection! I prefer Dr. Cohen’s gentle healing touch. After three treatments, I believe that under Dr. Cohen’s care, there is help and hope for me to lead a more productive life.”

– K.V.

Prior to finding Dr. Cohen, I had gone to two chiropractors who actually exacerbated my herniate disc problems in my neck. Under Dr. Cohen’s care, my condition has continued to improve. I would highly recommend him to all.

- M.D. office manager

Herniated Discs Pain Relief

“I have been under Andrew Cohen’s care for approximately two years and have had tremendous relief from his care. I am a person who suffers from five herniated discs, three in my neck and two in my lower back. Since I have not opted for surgery or even considered it, I do get frequent flair-ups that make it extremely difficult to walk, sit, and even stand straight up. During these episodes, Andrew has successfully and gently treated me and has gotten me pain free within a couple of visits. I am grateful for his knowledge of the human body and his ability to understand an individual’s specific ailment and treat it gently with much success. Thank you for your care. You keep me walking and a professional drummer…drumming!! With gratitude.”

– R.C. teacher/professional drummer

Non-Invavsive Gentle Care

“The brilliance of Andrew’s healing is that it is not invasive- meaning that it is gentle- and it is intuitive, informed by great experience, education, and training. I have been to and benefited from seeing some of the best known and respected chiropractors in New York City and Boston, but Andrew is by far the best, and his work is the most personalized. My back, my allergies, my digestion have all improved tremendously. I am most appreciative and recommend Dr. Andrew Cohen without reservation and encourage you if you’re thinking about seeing a chiropractor, to visit Andrew.”

– W.N writer

Recently, I found myself too uncomfortable to do any landscaping work due to back pain. Andrew has relieved these limitations; I am stronger than I was previously. I am back in the garden with twice as much vigor as last year.

- C.A.S photographer

Belief in the Process

“After physical therapy, which did not do anything, and hardly being able to get upright after leaving my car or getting out of bed…because of back and hip pain, I wandered into Dr. Cohen’s office and he gave me an immediate consultation. What I thought was arthritis and sciatica and were irreversible conditions have all disappeared after adjustments. I now work out at a gym and drive long distances without pain. I now believe in the process.”

– E.K philosophy professor

Help with Low Back Pain

“I am a fortunate person because I do not have chronic back trouble. However, occasionally I get pain in my lower back. I am happily amazed at the immediate physical relief, the release of pain and pressure in my spine, after being treated by Dr. Cohen. Andrew Cohen’s chiropractic care coupled with a regular yoga practice, which he recommends, has had a wonderful effect on my physical well-being. Thank You!!”

– L.C teacher

I have found since seeing Andrew that I am a lot quicker in my responses and faster on my feet! I react quickly and with more coordination.

- B.P designer

I feel whole

“I can best describe your treatments as “life.” Often when I visit you for a session, I don’t have to mention what has gone on, your touch finds what ails me, bit it physiologically or emotionally, and when I get up, it’s as if the broken pieces have been put together. One is whole. And even when specifics have been fixed, I keep coming back for regular maintenance and I know the difference in how I feel whether I’ve been to see you or not.”

– I.R. Sagaponack

Stress and Pain Decreased

“I have had shoulder pain for the last 5 years, stemming from an old injury and stress. Over the years, I have tried other chiropractors and specialists without any results. My first visit to Dr. Cohen and speaking to him made me feel more comfortable and at ease. After three treatments, my stress level and pain are greatly reduced. Dr. Cohen’s approach to my physical and stress problems have put me in harmony to have a better life. I thank him for his help and understanding.”

– J.B. professional dog trainer

Thanks to chiropractic and Andrew, my stressful job and relationships, especially with my teenager are much more manageable.

- D.G registered nurse

Highly Recommend

“Dr. Cohen was unlike other chiropractors I have seen. His unique techniques, knowledge, creativity exceeded any previous experiences. At times on arrival at my appointment, wrought with acute anxiety, his procedures brought me unexpected and welcomed relief. He has eased my pain, which proved to give me a more relaxed and comfortable feeling once I returned to my wheelchair. Dr. Cohen’s punctual, polite, and compassionate manner is especially encouraging and in itself is therapy. He helped my wife with a sudden back problem. In just a few sessions, she was back to 100% mobility. I readily recommend Dr. Cohen. Since I have been under his care, I have talked to others in our local area and all have given good reports of his work.”

– R.P. Retired Military

So Gentle

“Andrew Cohen is a gifted healer. I have seen Andrew for many years now and he can so gently and expertly guide my body to heal through his intuitive touch. I have lived off and on in other areas and sought alternative practitioners, but there is truly no one who has helped me better than Andrew.”

– B.R. artist

Coming to Andrew is a totally relaxing and beneficial experience. It has made a big difference in my overall healthy and well being.

– S.C. house cleaner

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