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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Southampton

Little girl with head next to pregnant bellyEvery expecting mom deserves the best possible chance for a pain-free, low-stress pregnancy and an easy delivery. Chiropractic care can facilitate all of this and more, ensuring that your nervous system works at its full capacity.

Dr. Cohen has trained with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association in prenatal chiropractic care. He has the equipment, including specialized tables and pillows, to keep you comfortable and allow you to lie face down during your care. Often, moms come to Cohen Family Chiropractic after being referred here by doulas and midwifery professionals in the area.

A Gentle Touch and Personalized Care

When your spine is aligned, the stresses that impact you won’t influence the growth and development of your baby. As your bundle of joy grows inside of you, you may develop discomfort in the low back and pelvis. The uterus is attached to these bones, so when they’re out of alignment, the baby may have less space to move. With the Webster Technique, Dr. Cohen can keep your lower spine in line and pelvis open so that the baby can be in optimal position for birth.

He also offers Network Spinal Analysis, which is a gentle technique that doesn’t involve any cracking, popping or uncomfortable positions. Your care will be based on your history and particular situation, including the frequency of visits you require.

Understanding the Impact of Chiropractic

Dr. Cohen’s adopted son Kai was subject to many stress hormones during his birth mother’s tough pregnancy. Regular chiropractic check ups since birth has given Kai (now 11 years old) a healthy (medication free), and happy childhood.┬áReceiving the benefits of chiropractic care while still in the womb can allow your baby the best possible chance at a healthy childhood.
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